Frequently Asked Questions

You can qualify for Indian citizenship by being born in the country, being born elsewhere but with at least one Indian parent, or by being granted citizenship through a naturalization process. If none of these categories apply you will not be classed as an Indian citizen, and will not be entitled to an Indian passport.

All private citizens apply for an ordinary passport however the other two types of passports are for government workers who are being send overseas on official business only.

05 years for minor 10 years for adults

In normal application you will receive your passport within 10 to 15 working days

In tatkal application you will receive your passport within 2 to 5 working days

Its depends on the demand in market, our executive will give 3 to 4 days’ options you can book according to your calendar.

No appointments are booked only in weekdays.

If you missed your 1st appointment still you have 2 more chance to reschedule

You have to attend in person for your passport interview, even if you are ill or if it is very inconvenient for you to do so. You are allowed to bring someone with you for your passport interview if you find it difficult to travel.

After the appointment, police verification will happen at your nearest police station.

Passport will be dispatched through Indian speed post for your address.

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